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About Trippel Sports + Talent

Hi, I'm Robin Tripaldi - an attorney, agent, mother of two current high school athletes, and former collegiate lacrosse player, working to help student athletes build their brands, and navigate the intricacies of the ever-expanding name, image, and likeness landscape. 


Why? Because the life of a Student-Athlete leaves little time for a practical part-time job. Between juggling schedules for school teams and travel/tournament/club teams, academics, and a little time for friends and family, not much is left to give. This was problematic for me and some of my friends who were in the same situation - how can our kids earn money and learn about job responsibility without the ability to commit to a job 15-20 hours per week? Around the same time, the law changed and the NCAA could no longer threaten ineligibility to prevent student athletes from profiting from their likeness and reputation - enter the era of NIL.


Within the first year of student athletes working in the NIL space, I read story after story about student athletes signing contracts without having an attorney review them first, sometimes signing their rights away in perpetuity or suffering other disastrous results; conversely, there were other student athletes who passed on sponsorship offers because they didn't know how to interpret the contracts. Well, my heart broke, which is when I decided to make it official, and Trippel Sports + Talent was born - We do not charge a fee for contract review for student athletes. And for the student athletes who are signed with us, we take no commission on micro-contracts - in return we do require a quarterly minimum of community service hours. 


Please contact us with any questions, or if you would like to discuss any of our services.

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